Horror Review: The Pick-Axe Murders Part III: The Final Chapter (2014)


In the third part of the Pick-Axe Murders trilogy, the first two DON’T exist, a killer once thought dead, Alex Black, is risen from the grave to kill once again. Meanwhile the sole survivor of his last massacre, Adrienne Palmer, is sure he is out there as a group of five teenagers party in a cabin in the woods.


If you’re looking for a good 80’s style slasher film, look no farther than TPAM3. I’ve been looking forward to this movie for a long time, so it was a pleasure when the director/writer, Jeremy Sumrall sent me an advanced screener of the movie. The film is a gory fun 75 minutes that had me smiling from ear to ear from the first scene to the last scene. This film won’t win an Oscar someday, but the makers behind the movie weren’t going for that. They wanted to make a fun slasher film, and they succeeded big time. Alex Black was an awesome slasher villain with a great look and a creep factor that made him a bit scarier. He will kill anyone in his path and he’ll use whatever he can, but the pickaxe is his main weapon of choice. TPAM3 started off on the right back with a cheesy, fun opening sequence that was plain awesome and was full of blood. It was a unique way to introduce the killer and it worked so much. From there on the movie continued to kick ass and moved at a high pace, and had a great music score to back up the film.

Now the movie wasn’t very scary, but it had some good atmosphere, thanks to the directing by Jeremy Sumrall who did a very good job. The movie looked good and was well edited. It never dragged at any point, and the movie had some really clever writing, also thanks to Jeremy Sumrall who also wrote the script. When a director takes on so many duties while making a film, sometimes it can collapse on him, but Sumrall handled everything well. The script was cheesy and at some points quite witty. I really liked a lot of the dialogue, and the characters were mostly likable. Heather, Jamie, and Larry were my favorite of the teen characters. I really grew to like these three, and while Jamie was more of the bitch character, she had some great lines and she made me laugh. The movie also had a great lead in Adrienne Palmer. She was a badass heroine who survived the first two “movies” and is haunted by the memories. She has become an alcoholic believing that Alex Black was still out there. Too bad no one else listened, because she was obviously right. Her drunken rambling did feel repetitious after a while, but in the final act when she goes after Alex Black her character really worked.

It also helps that Tiffany Shepis is a GREAT actress. She is usually cast as the sexy woman, who gets naked, but she was really able to show off her acting capabilities and it was nice to see her in a role that showed off her talent. She gave the best performance of the movie and I wish we had more of her throughout the film. She didn’t seem as present as she should have been through the film. The rest of the acting was a mixed bag, but Ashley-Marie Zgabay was likable as final girl, Heather. She was sweet and the actress was just very affable and it translated into her character. She and Tiffany Shepis made for great leads that I truly rooted for. Elizabeth Redpath was funny as the bitchy Jamie, while Gage Tijerina was so adorable as the dorky Larry that I couldn’t help but smile every time he was on screen. He was definitely my type.

The movie just came together and I had a blast. The rest of the film’s acting was on and off, but no big deal and the deaths should’ve been more inventive. I would like to have seen the pickaxe put to more use. While the movie was tons of fun, I just couldn’t help but wish it was a tad scarier or had some more suspenseful scenes.

But in the end I had a great time with this modern slasher film, and now I am dying for a part 1 and 2! Great job to Sumrall and everyone involved for creating such a fun and awesome slasher film.



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